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Origami Neko by Jo Nakashima


Happy Holi!

Sonobe Variation by Christine Pape 

Doki Doki Festival Manchester 2013

Look at the prettiness of our origami stall at Doki Doki Festival! Super happy with how it looked! 

It was a little quiet at the beginning but it definitely picked up! So happy that I went again and that we managed to raise so much money for Aid for Japan! :D Even managed to sell some of my many models!!

The only downer was that it was absolutely FREEZING :’(

Some of the simple origami pieces I’ll be teaching tomorrow! Jo Nakashima’s cat bookmark is going to be the most difficult though!

Sometimes I think I have too much origami… Most of the time I think that actually…

So I’m sorting through my origami and I have no idea what this is… Someone help!



Hot Air Balloon by Jason Lin - Complete!

Wooo! I finished it! The hardest part of this was definitely the basket, even now it pretty much falls apart if I move it… And I somehow managed to rip a little hole into the top of it when I was expanding out all the layers to make the balloon shape :( Whatever, I’m still proud of it!

I realized this was made quite a while ago, but I just found it now…
Thanks for folding my hot-air balloon model! It looks super good!

(It’s ok. A lot of my balloons rip at the top too if the paper is weak. It’s actually convenient for stringing to make a nice ornament. P.S. sometimes I just glue the basket together. shhhh don’t tell anyone.)

jason lin rebLOGGED MY ATTEMPT?!?!

Tiger designed by Hideo Komatsu 
Folded by Carlos A. Fururti

In case you didn’t know, this is what I’ve been trying to fold for the past few days… it’s not going well.

Day 2 - I’m getting closer!

Step 154 has me completely perplexed though… HOW DO I FOLD THAT

I don’t think this is what a tiger is meant to look like…

I may have stopped to watch a film on Netflix >.>

ambrose-chapel replied to your post: ambrose-chapel replied t…

hahahaha oh god. i never tried this model but tissue foil seems like it’d be ideal

I do have some foil paper but not tissue foil :( 

But I shall persevere! Step 72!

ambrose-chapel replied to your post: Okay all the way to step …

oh my god thats gotta be tough with such a small sheet. what sort of paper are you using?

Normal kami paper….

This really wasn’t well thought out…